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Asian Dried Plums | Cheap & Affordable Wholesales

A plum tree is a tree with a variety of fruits. Plums are native to Asia and for the first time in 19 different species were taken by migrants from Asia and Europe to North America. The geographic range of plum dispersion is wider than other fruits, and various species exist throughout the northern hemisphere. At present, three species of this fruit are cultivated all over the world. Most of the cultivars belonging to the European plum group P. Domestica L. This group is native to southeastern Europe and has been cultivated over 2000 years. Plums grow in a vast area of latitude 30 to 50 degrees north and south. Species and plum cultivars are not sensitive to frost in the winter, and some of them can even survive the winter cold up to a temperature of -30 to -35 degrees. In areas where rainfall is low or the distribution of rainfall is not consistent with water use, the use of a drip irrigation system will be beneficial for this plant. Asian dried plums are so popular in the world and it is used because of its delicious taste and the benefits that it have for our health.

Asian Dried Plums | Cheap & Affordable Wholesales

Which type of plum is better for export?

Which type of plum is better for export? As you know, fruits and vegetables are very important to human life. In all parts of the planet humans are from fruits and vegetables. We use some of them raw and fresh, but add some to our foods or use them with food. Fruits and vegetables are very useful for our health because of the richness of minerals and vitamins, and all people should use these products on a daily basis. There are various types of fruits and vegetables, each of them has special benefits and properties. Prune is also a summer fruit found all around the globe and is one of the most popular fruits. This fruits have many species but its 3 species are cultivating in the world. This fruit uses in two common forms, the dried one and fresh one. Dried plums benefits are like its fresh one. Bukhara prunes is a type of this fruit that is very popular and has too many fans around the world. Dried Bukhara plum is the most popular type.

What are the differences between plums and prunes for export?

What are the differences between plums and prunes for export?Prunes has more than 2000 species in different colors and shapes. Prunes are divided into three groups: Asian, Japanese, and American. China is the first producer of plums, followed by the United States, Serbia and Romania. In the United States, more plum cultivates in California. Prunes are consumed in addition to fresh, dried and canned. The tree is a deciduous tree with a length of 15-10 meters and depending on the country in which it grows, it has different characteristics. The colors of its meat is variable from yellow to red. The outer shell color of the plum varies from yellow to red, purple or black. The difference between plums and prunes is not high and they are also the same. The plum tree generally grows during the months of June and October. Prune is one of the rarest fruits in India. We have different types of prunes and plums in the world that each of them has special flavor and benefits. The sunsweet plums are most popular kind of this fruit and it is good for export.

Why Asian Dried Plums are better?

Why Asian Dried Plums are better?The most famous form of plums is the Japanese type, some of them are yellowish and watery, and others have lower percentages of water and reds are purple. Plum fruit size varies from 3 to 6 centimeters across the world. Plums are often consumed freshly, but can be used either dry or as a compote, the nutrients in the various types are roughly the same. Asian dried plums are better than other types of plums, because of their delicious taste and high durability. Prune is one of the good sources of antioxidants and it has too many benefits, so, it is better to use it in our daily meals, especially in the summer. Bukhara plum is one the best sellers dried fruits around the world. One of the properties of Bukhara plum is the high level of vitamin C, which protects the body against infections, inflammation and free radicals.

How much investment is needed for Dried Bukhara Plums export?

How much investment is needed for Dried Bukhara Plums export?This juicy fruit rotates quickly due to its high moisture content. On the other hand, the plum harvest season is short, so the fruit is kept dried in shape and consumed. Drying is a method of preservation that reduces the content of fruit juices and vegetables, reducing the biochemical, chemical and microbial changes of the product. The main purpose of drying agricultural products is to reduce their moisture content to the maximum extent that is possible. Packaging and shipping costs are also reduced due to weight loss in drying process. The following steps are recommended for the production of dried plums with high quality:

  1. Pick the right fruit and the right time : To produce high quality dried plums, choose a coarse fruit, low moisture content and high sugar content.
  2. Transportation and maintenance of fresh plums : Use a clean, washable dishes to store the fresh plums.
  3. Preparation operation : At this stage, the fruits are washed and cleaned, then the skin is removed. The presence of the skin on the fruit will make the moisture dry out longer.
  4. Drying step : Drying is done in two sunny and industrial methods. Drying fruits using sunlight is the most common and oldest method used to find the sun as a source of energy, a cheap and affordable way.
  5. packing : The packaging is the last step that, after drying the fruits, it is packed in different packages. At this stage, observance of health and protection of the impact of pests and other microorganisms is necessary.

If you use sunlight to dry fruits, this does not require much investment, and you will only pay for the purchase of fruit. In the industrial process, the fruits dry in some special devices. These devices have to different types and their capacities is different. In industrial drying method, you need a drying machine that has different types with different prices.

Is it profitable to export Dried Bukhara Plums?

Is it profitable to export Dried Bukhara Plums? Bukhara plum is obtained from the plum drying. To prepare the first, the yellow plum juice breaks slightly in water, then it is dried after the skin cools and dried in the sun. It is rich in potassium and therefore suitable for people with high blood pressure. In addition, there are plenty of niacin, vitamin A and vitamin B6 in Bukhara Plum. Bukhara plum is one of the healthiest foods you can eat during pregnancy. Fortunately, Bukhara plum has no side effects. The antioxidants in this dried fruit protect the body from free radicals, which accelerate the aging process. Prunes vs plums nutrition, as it was said these are also the same and their nutrition are almost like each other and the difference between them is so little. Bukhara plums are very popular and have too many fans around the world. these dried fruits produces in some countries around the world. Iran is one of the biggest producers of this product. The traders can buy this dried fruit and sell it, because its trading and exporting is profitable.

How many types of Asian Dried Bukhara Plums are there?

How many types of Asian Dried Bukhara Plums are there?European plums are always isolated from the core, meaning fruit is not clinging to the core, and its color is always blue or purple. When choosing the plum, look for the types that have a good color of their species and are a bit tight, but the plums that show a slight effect against the slight compression are also good. Avoid buying plums that are too tight or too loose when squeezing, do not paint well or have wrinkles, bruises or broken skin. Plums are ripe when they are eaten and ready to eat, and their smell is euthanized and under the pressure of soft fingers. Prune vs plum juice, These two fruits are almost like each other, just they colors are different with each other and prunes are a bit sour than plums. Here we mention some of the popular and common types of plums:

  • Red beauty : When it is ripe, it will have a purple-black skin. Their taste is sweet and very juicy; their skin is a bit tart.
  • Santa Rosa : The most popular plum is in California and Arizona and has a spicy and juicy flavor. Their color is purplish reddish.
  • Queen Rosa : For external parts, it is very similar to Santa Rosa except for its greenish yellow color at the top of the stem.
  • Black Amber : It is very coarse, beautiful and black, which is used to make sauces, pastries and desserts.
  • Angelino : It is coarse and purple color and very sweet with yellow meat. This is suitable for cakes, jams and sauces. This type of plum is also delicious when it is freshly prepared.
  • Casselman : The most delicious prune. Their skin color is bright red and the meat is dark amber with a very sweet taste.

The Italian plumage that grows in Washington is considered to be the most famous variety of European plum. When it reaches its color, it changes from blue to purple. This rennet is used to prepare food and canned food.

How is the imports and Exports of Dried Bukhara Plums?

How is the imports and Exports of Dried Bukhara Plums?Plums are divided into two main groups: Japanese and European plums or special plums for drying. Japanese plums are freshly consumed, compote, jams or jelly. European plum is called a special drying plum because it can be dried without drying out the core. Of course, European plum can be consumed freshly or in food. Almost 90% of the US plum cultivates in California, most of them cultivated in the San Joaquin Valley. Plums are also available in Washington, Idaho, Michigan and New York. Except for the United States, Chile is the main producer of plums from Japan and Europe. A large proportion of their products are exported to the United States. Other plum producers include Germany, Turkey and Japan. Canned prunes vs. dried prunes, This fruit have different usages. Dried and canned plums and prunes are the most popular products of these fruits. Bukhara plums are very popular and in most countries around the world people use this dried fruit as healthy snacks.

Which sellers have Asian Dried Bukhara Plums?

Which sellers have Asian Dried Bukhara Plums?Bukhara Plum vitamin C helps the body boost its resistance to infectious agents, soften the swelling, and eliminate free radicals. Bukhara plum also helps maintain heart health. It contains antioxidants that help to get rid of free radicals and prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. Oxidation of cholesterol is a threat to the health of healthy blood vessels, which may ultimately lead to certain heart conditions, including heart attacks and high cholesterol. The plum vitamin C is extremely useful in controlling heart disease in diabetic patients. Prunes contain potassium, which is an important component of the body’s cells and fluid and helps control heart rate and blood pressure. this amazing fruit have too many benefits for our health, so, If you are one of those who care about your body’s health, it’s best to eat 2 to 3 pounds of fruit each day. All around the world you can find different Bukhara sellers. Iran is one of the producers of Bukhara plums, Iranian products have great tastes and quality and also their prices are lower than American Bukhara plums.

Where to buy Dried Bukhara Plums at wholesale price?

Where to buy Dried Bukhara Plums at wholesale price? As it was mentioned above, Bukhara plum is one of the most popular types of the dried foods and it has too many fans among different nations. Asian and European countries are the biggest importers and buyers of this dried fruit. As you know, today the use of the Internet has become very widespread, and almost the majority of people in the world spend hours on the Internet and virtual spaces every day. Today, most people, even business owners and rentals, are looking for the products they need on the Internet. So, today most of the producers, suppliers and distributors have websites that introduce themselves to the clients around the world and also they offer their products in those websites. So that by searching on the internet you can find several suppliers and buy Bukhara plums from them at wholesale prices.

Which countries have more Dried Bukhara Plum wholesalers?

Which countries have more Dried Bukhara Plum wholesalers?Plum is a fruit that can grow up in different climates and weather, so that you can find this amazing fruit all around the world. America is the biggest producer of the plum and it is exporting this fruit to other countries around the world in high masses. Prunes vs dates, these two fruits have too many different and they have no similarities. After America some countries like Chile, Japan and some of the European countries are producing plums. America have more dried Bukhara plum wholesalers. Iran is one of the best producers of Bukhara plum and Iranian Bukhara plums are so delicious and their quality is competitive with American examples.

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