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Organic Dried Plums | 2019 Average Price of Bukhara Plum

Dried fruits have became one of the favorite snack of many people around the world. They are in many different kinds and almost all the fruits can turn into their dried version when dehydrated.

There are some of these dried fruits that are known more than others. Dried plums are among them which are known for their great benefits. Organic dried plums which also are known as Bukhara plum, are sold in many countries. The average price of Bukhara plum can be found on websites.

Organic Dried Plums | 2019 Average Price of Bukhara Plum

Dried Bukhara Plum Wholesaler & Suppliers The Average price of Organic Dried Plums

Dried Bukhara Plum Wholesaler & Suppliers The Average price of Organic Dried Plums Aloo Bukhara is the same plum or prune which is a pulpy fruit that grows in many countries. Bukhara has a different cultivar than the common prunes in Europe. This cultivar grows mostly in Middle eastern countries specially Iran. The name is also the original name that is used in this country.

Bukhara plum wholesalers are mostly located in Iran or other neighbor countries such as Turkey. You can find all the information in the directory websites that provide you with interesting information. If you are willing to make a deal with a supplier from these countries, you can find the address and even phone number. With a phone call you can arrange a meeting about your business proposal.

The average price of dried Bukhara is also available in some of the websites. They may have archives of different prices during years which can be useful for the researchers about the finance of this fruit.

Organic dried plums are the main target of many buyers. The term Organic has became a trend in food industry which makes all the growers and manufacturers to follow the protocols of organic foods.

How much is a kg of Dried Bukhara Plums?”

How much is a kg of Dried Bukhara Plums?Dried Bukhara plums are available in many packaging with different net weights. The most common size of them is maybe the packaging of 1 Kg. This amount would be enough for couple of months if you don’t consume them more than a few per day.

The average price of this packaging depends on the country it is sold. Many producing countries have cheaper prices compared to those only import this dried fruit. In India which is also a great producer of Aloo Bukhara, the price are also affordable. Although, generally the price of dried fruits are higher than fresh fruits. It is mostly because of the work it has to be done on the fresh fruits to become high quality dried fruits.

It takes lots of time, energy and effort to make dried plums in the best possible way. So it is reasonable to have higher prices on dried fruits specially dried Bukhara.

Many researches have shown the prunes nutrition beyond everyone’s expectations. This means the high nutritional value of the product can have effects on the price. They can be sold as other shapes in order to make them slightly cheaper with the actual purpose of medicine. For example, dried plum powders are becoming a favorite in Asian countries which have the exact value of the dried plums for the medical purposes. Although some people use them as flavoring powder in many foods.

Is organic dried plums usable in producing fruit leather?

Is organic dried plums usable in producing fruit leather?Fruit leather is probably one of the most popular forms of dried fruits in many countries. They were mostly home made products that people use to make during summer in many countries.

Today there are many companies producing fruit leather with machines in a more sanitary conditions. Although most of people still prefer the home made versions. Most of the companies may add sugar or even artificial ingredients to make their product tastier but they can be harmful for the health. In home made versions, you only have to make a liquid puree from the fruit and then pour it on flat surfaces to dry.

After they are dried, you can simply make rolls of them. They are known as fruit leather, fruit strips or fruit roll-ups. They are all the same only with different names. Fruit leather can be made of many fruits. The very popular ones are made of sour cherry, pomegranate, apricots and plums.

Dried plums can be used in making fruit leathers, but considering their high prices compared to other fruits, they are not most common among others.

Considering dried plums nutrition, you can notice that they have more calories comparing to fresh plums. Calories in 5 prunes is around 115 where 100 gr of plums have only 45 calories. In case of carbs, fresh plums have more of them. Carbs in 3 prunes is near 18 gr where fresh plums have 24 gr.

Where to find High quality dried Bukhara Plum for Export?

Where to find High quality dried Bukhara Plum for Export?Many countries are producing high quality prunes or dried plums. The market for this product has been growing since the recent years improved awareness of healthy diet. Many people are using them as healthy snacks which can be both delicious and beneficial for the body.

Some of the producing countries are more known in the market due to their quality or simply because of the specific cultivar they are growing. Either way, they have bigger parts in the world dried plum market.

China for example have improve the game with the famous dried candies that are called “Li hing mui candy”. Chinese dried plum candy calories is much lesser than any other candy. This has make it a very healthy snack for Chinese. This candy is made of dried plums with a special coating of Li hing mui powder which gives it a salty/sugary taste.

Another example of the market is Vietnamese dried plum. They are also known as Xi muoi or the Vietnamese preserved plums. All these types and cultivars have their own costumer and market. Same goes for the middle eastern dried plums or even European ones. Most of them have domestic markets and also neighbor countries have a great part in the market of this fruit.

Is Iran the Only Exporter of Dried Bukhara Plum?

Is Iran the Only Exporter of Dried Bukhara Plum?Iran is one of the greatest producers and suppliers of dried Bukhara. But alongside with Iran, there are a few countries that also produce dried Bukhara plum for the export purposes.

One of theses countries is India. India has became one of the biggest suppliers of many fresh fruits and also processed ones. India has grown significantly in food industry which has made it a powerful country in the business with huge incomes from it.

Dried fruit market is another profitable markets that any country with fruit production tries to have. India has lots of fruit production with a huge possibility of making it a chance to become a number one dried fruit producer.

Dried Bukhara plums are one of the many dried fruits that India has been producing over the years. Although the term Aloo Bukhara has a Persian originality, many people know the Bukhara plum as an Indian product. Bukhara was one of the cities in ancient Iran. It had the best golden plums which made it known as the Bukhara plum.

Today Iran has to challenge with other countries to remain in the profitable market of dried plums. Since Iran has the best quality in Bukhara plums, it has many costumers which are from all over the world.

Why Dried Bukhara Plum has a Special Place in Exports?

Why Dried Bukhara Plum has a Special Place in Exports?Plums and prunes are known to be very beneficial to the human health with the many Vitamins and minerals they have. Also, they have less amounts of calories and carbs compared to other usual snacks that people might have.

All these reasons has made Bukhara plums very important. They can have very vital role in many countries that have not much of exports. Iran is one of the countries that is mostly known to be a exporter of Gas and oil. The financial status of Iran is somehow dependent to the export of gas and oil which can be reckless. Because some day, the oil and gas resources in Iran would be over. After that, it is about the plans that this country has made over the years to survive the no-oil economy.

To survive such conditions, many oil-dependent countries have made serious economical changes inside their country to get out of this problem. They either are becoming a touristic spot or simply investing on other productions such as food industries or clothing.

Dried Bukhara has became a sign of Iran in many countries, so it is easy to make it a great export of Iran among other great products of Iran. Therefore, Bukhara plum has an important role in Iran or any other country’s exports.

Which Countries Are Competing with Iran to Produce Dried Plum?

Which Countries Are Competing with Iran to Produce Dried Plum?Many countries are competing Iran in exporting dried plums. But since the quality of Persian dried plums are well known, the market is mostly about Persian plums.

Plums are one of the important part of Persian cuisine which plays a great role in the making process of them. As people care about the quality of the product they consume in their own country, the more producers think of the best ways to keep their costumers.

Countries such as India and Turkey are also producing dried plums. They have had significant progress in these recent years. Iran may have had a little set back due to the recent politic issues it has. But generally, many countries are willing to buy Bukhara plums only from Iran because of the pioneer quality they have seen in Iran products.

Iran may have the chance to become one of the greatest food exporters in future, only if they can overcome the recent conditions.

What is the color of Dried Bukhara plum?

What is the color of Dried Bukhara plum?Plums have many different cultivars and therefore, many colors are among them. There are two general categories in Plums. They are either European cultivar or Japanese.

The famous Aloo Bukhara which is originally from Iran, is among the Japanese cultivar. This particular type of plum has golden color which is called with the same term in its city of origin in Iran. Other types of plum are also growing in Iran which most of them have purplish black color. But for dried Bukhara, you can only see the golden color.

Other cultivars of plum have very wide range of colors in them. Japanese cultivar of plums are near 12 different types including:

  • Red Beauty: have purple/black colors
  • Black Beauty: are same as red ones but with darker shades
  • Santa Rosa: They have purplish red color
  • Queen Rosa: They are same as Santa Rosa in everything except their color. Queen Rosa has a yellowish green color.
  • Casselman: They have light red colors and their flesh has darker shades of Amber color.
  • Black Amber: They have black color
  • Angelino: They have purple color with a yellow flesh.
  • Simka: They also have purple color and their flesh is golden.
  • Laroda: Is very similar to Santa Rosa with dark purple color.
  • El Dorado: It has a light red to pink color with a purple flesh.
  • Friar: It has a bluish purple color but the flesh is purple.

All this cultivars can have a different flesh color which makes them extraordinary and amazing. Other European cultivars also have a couple of different colors but the most common of them is the Italian plum which has a reddish blue color.

You can see all the different types of plum cultivars in the websites. They provide you with more details about each one of them.

What are the differences between yellow and black plum?

What are the differences between yellow and black plum?As mentioned, European types of plums are mostly in purple/blue colors which are known world widely with that color. Where Japanese plums have many other range of colors that are not known as much as the European plums.

Japanese plums are divide in three major colors. They can be yellow, black or purple/red. Both yellow and black plums can have amber flesh under their skin. Black plums have a dark shade of purple in their color which seems to be black. El Dorado is the name of black Japanese plums which mostly grows in parts of USA. This type of plum is more used in cooking. It keeps the fruity texture of it even after being cooked. Which is why people use it more than other types of plums. It also gives a purple shade to your dish after cooking which looks really great.

Yellow plums are yellow or golden in both skin and flesh. They are juice and if they ripe, they have a slight fruity crisp. They are not common as black ones.

Also, one of the major differences that different types of plums can have, is the season of each one of them. Some of them can be harvested in fall and others in summer or other seasons.

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