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Raw Prunes |Best Buy with Highest Discounts

Do you know what is raw prunes? do you use it in your life? do you know the difference between plums and prunes? Prunes is a food-grown fruit that is commonly used in different parts of Iran.prunes vs dates are even much more better. Plums are different in different breeds, different sizes and shapes and colors. The most common are yellow plum, Bukhara plum and black plum, which is about a small walnut.In the middle of this fruit is a nucleus that its stone is due to having a poisonous substance, but this stone can be used instead of the bitter almonds in the oil supply and the medical treatment given to bitter almonds.If you are not using the prunes, then you should start using them. Do you know what is prune?Do you Know that it is included a lot of advantages and it is good for or health? Before going to talk about the answer of these questions, I should say that as all of us know it is better to use everything in organic form and my suggestion for using this fruit it to use the Organic Dried Prunes. OK, let’s see what is it and its advantages? prune is something like a plum which is in the dried form of any kinds of cultivar ( by saying plum it generally is the plum of European area ) , at first these prune are not dry and the people use some ways and method to make them dried , why ? because in this way they can use it in a longer time and even in the seasons of year that we do not have access to these kinds of fruit. Some of these prunes are free of any stones in them ( they are called freestone cultivars ) , and some of them are not like this. They are included many kinds of different vitamins and let’s say minerals added to their fiber and antioxidants which can help to reduce our risk of lot’s of different chronic sicknesses. We can use these plums in the fresh form or we can use them in the dried form and it depends on us . those kinds of the dried plums(or what we call it prunes are so popular and well-known because of improving a high amount of health conditions like constipation or osteoporosis. these days we see some canned prunes, but let’s say canned prunes vs. dried prunes are not that much good.

Raw Prunes |Best Buy with Highest Discounts

Price Range of Dried Bukhara Plum for Export

Price Range of Dried Bukhara Plum for Export

The price range of this fruit for exportation is some thing around 7-8 dollars of each kilogram package. Exports of dry Bukhara plums to neighboring countries, including Gulf countries, are being made at very good prices. These products are produced in the plentiful regions of Iran such as Khorasan Razavi, East Azarbaijan, West Azarbaijan and Isfahan. Which are of the highest quality for export. It should be noted that the export of dry products such as dried plums, whose volume of delivery to other countries is very high, has several conditions. Before the product enters the export process, all the terms and conditions of the buyer And customs for the target market. To produce a product with more quality quality indices. For example, Bukhara plum exports to the US should be of high quality and quality. But other countries, such as India and Pakistan, whose people are economically weaker, demand Bukhara plums in lower quality. And also the packaging is different for different countries. Hence, knowing the target market is a good selling necessity. Some of these indicators are for internal and external organization target selection. One of the most important of these indicators is the analysis of trend in time series The volume of imports of goods according to the tariff number in the coordinated international system, by which it is possible to predict future series values ​​based on past information and short-term time series expansions. Among the other indicators to be considered in the determination of export-oriented markets, one can mention the export capabilities, import growth of major importing countries over the past years, customs duties and customs duties charged by importing countries, import unit prices of importing countries, history of Iranian exports in the number The tariffs, the trade-political relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the importing countries, the size of the distance and the factors mentioned above. Given the above mentioned, based on past statistics and data, countries with export potential are selected as dried fruit.

Are Raw Prunes good as Mixed with Nuts?

Are Raw Prunes good as Mixed with Nuts?To answer this question we should say yes, raw prunes are really good and they have as many benefits for our health as you can not imagine !prunes vs plums nutrition is really a good source of benefits for our health. let’s mention some dried plums benefits:

  1. Treats digestive disorders
  2. A good source of vitamin C
  3. Improves cardiovascular health
  4. It fights cancer cells
  5. Keep cholesterol at a healthy level
  6. Natural laxative
  7. Reduces the risk of rotting yellow spots
  8. Improves blood flow
  9. Helps to lose weight
  10. It is useful for dealing with diabetes
  11. Rich in fiber is soluble
  12. Enhances immune system
  13. Improves bone health
  14. Contains magnesium
  15. It is rich in folic acid
  16. Make your skin young
  17. and . . .

When Dried Aloo Bukhara Became Famous?

When Dried Aloo Bukhara Became Famous?

Bukhara is the fifth largest city in Uzbekistan and is one of two Tajik towns in Uzbekistan. Bukhara’s agriculture dates back to 2500 years. One of its main products is plum cultivar, followed by cultivation in other parts of the country. The main cultivation of plum and the capital of Iran is the city of Khoreh, located 20 kilometers from Neishabur, which is known as the golden roof city. Plums may be one of the first fruits to be prescribed by humans for the treatment or prevention of diseases. In the late century Eighteenth, the word, plum, is used to represent “something desirable”, probably referring to the fruit pieces of the good Tasting in desserts. Plums are usually of medium size, between 2 and 7 centimeters in diameter, spherical and oval. It has a strong, juicy meat, and the skin is smooth, some say plum is a drum, which means that its meaty fruit is surrounded by a hard grain. Fruit fruit is plum from sweet to sour. The skin itself may be particularly sour. The juice is juicy and can be freshly mixed with other recipes, such as desserts or corn. Plum juice can be converted into plum wine. In Merkava Gelestan, an alcoholic beverage such as apple called Jerkoum Plum is made. Prunes are dried and passion is used as a snack, sometimes known as salad. Different flavors of plum are available in Chinese stores and specialized stores worldwide. There are many varieties of apples and taxonomists differ in their numbers. Depending on the taxonomist, there are between 19 and 40 species of plum in the world. In some parts of the world, some fruits are called plums, and quite different from fruits known as plums in Europe or the United States. For example, Marian plums are popular in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, and are known as Gandria, Mango Fig, Marpeng, Manian, Romance, Candang, and Ramboonia.

How much Prunes is needed for Export?

How much Prunes is needed for Export?

A country for exporting prunes needs to tons of this product. The amount of plum exports in the global market totaled more than $ 830 million. The largest countries are Chile and Spain. The growth of exports of plums grew by 1% compared to 2016. The producers of this product have been able to export their products to the international markets by applying the principles of marketing and packaging. If you are looking for an export of this product, please follow this article to the end. The world’s largest plum producers are 6.8 million tonnes in China, 434,000 tonnes in Romania, and 423,000 tonnes in the United States. The plum export is an important part of this product available to the market. The most popular type of plum is the export of Victoria and Opal, which is considered in the global markets, especially in Europe. The album has a good variety, but the most 10 types of the market Demanded

How much the Packs of Dried Bukhara Plums weight?

How much the Packs of Dried Bukhara Plums weight?

 The weigh of each package of dried Bukhara is around 0.5 to 1 kilogram and it is different. Bukhara plums are sold in a variety of weights. Bukhara is available in a variety of core and non-core types, but the core-free type is priced at a higher price. This product is packed in different weights, and it can be sold at a weight of 300 grams and more or less. The Bukhara baccarat is used without cores for use in all kinds of corn and this product has had a good shelf life of one year. Bukhara without kernel is sold in bulk with a variety of packages.

Which Importers Buy Packed Dried Aloo Bukhara?

Which Importers Buy Packed Dried Aloo Bukhara?here is a list of those countries who are the importers of packed Bukhara:

۱٫ Germany
۲٫ Russia
۳٫ Japan
۴٫ Italy
۵٫ England
۶٫ Brazil
۷٫ Netherlands
۸٫ Spain
۹٫ France
۱۰٫ Austria
۱۱٫ Hong Kong
۱۲٫ Denmark
۱۳٫ Sweden
۱۴٫ Algeria

Where to Find Best Sellers of Dried Aloo Bukhara ?

Where to Find Best Sellers of Dried Aloo Bukhara ?
if you are searching for the best sellers of this fruit in Iran then here is their list:


and here is the global list of its producers:

۲٫European Union
۵٫United States

How People Choose the Best Dried Plums?

How People Choose the Best Dried Plums?There are some tips that you should pay attention when you are going to buy the dried Bukhara plums as below :

۱٫Pay attention to their color , it should not be too yellowish
۲٫Pay attention that their smell should not be like the ruined ones
۳٫Remember that they should be with their stone because it will be tastier in this way than the other way
۴٫Their weigh should not be too much and it should not be heavy because in this way they would be more expensive and they can not be considered as the dried ones and just the seller gets the benefit of them and it will not be beneficial for you as a buyer person.
۵٫Their package should be clean neat and tidy
۶٫They should not be dusty
۷٫And . . .

How to Buy Dried Bukhara Plum with Highest Discount?

How to Buy Dried Bukhara Plum with Highest Discount?

As it has been described and mentioned before , there are some countries which are sending or let ‘s say exporting their dried Bukhara plums to the importer countries that are : China, America, Serbia, Romania, Chile, Turkey, Spain, Italy, India, Iran, And . . . .
And the importer countries obviously are importing them always, why ? Because they can not grow them so they are always have to import them and the exporter country does not want to lose its customers and as a result tries to keep them always so offers them a special discount and it will be a both sided agreement which the both side are satisfied and it is going to be a win – win deal .

Does Dried Aloo Bukhara have More Benefits?

Does Dried Aloo Bukhara have More Benefits?The answer is yes, dried one has more benefits and prune vs plum juice is better:

۱٫ Treats digestive disorders
The compounds of solicitor and opiate found in prunes help regulate digestive function and treat constipation.

۲٫ A good source of vitamin C
Plum vitamin C helps the body boost its resistance to infectious agents, soften the swelling, and eliminate free radicals.

۳٫ Improves cardiovascular health
Prune also helps maintain heart health. It contains antioxidants that help to get rid of free radicals and prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. Oxidation
of cholesterol is a threat to the health of healthy blood vessels,
which may ultimately lead to certain heart conditions, including heart
attacks and high cholesterol.
The plum vitamin C is extremely useful in controlling heart disease in diabetic patients.

۴٫ It fights cancer cells
studies have identified plum with cancer prevention, particularly
breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancers and respiratory tract
Anthologists are reddish-blue pigments in this fruit that protect the body from cancer by clearing free radicals. It is said that plum vitamin A protects the body from oral cancer. The antioxidant power of the plum and its nutrients halts the progression of breast cancer cells without killing healthy cells.

۵٫ Keep cholesterol at a healthy level
contain potassium, which is an important component of the body’s cells
and fluid and helps control heart rate and blood pressure.
This fruit also prevents clotted platelets, which may lead to high blood pressure, stroke, and coronary artery disease. It also maintains blood pressure at the health level. Plum fiber also helps lower cholesterol levels. Prune also contains vitamin B6, which prevents the increase in the amount of homo cysteine and reduces the risk of heart attack.

۶٫ Natural laxative
Both plum and plum Bukhara are natural laxatives that can help regulate bowel function.

۷٫ Improves blood flow
Plum and plum Bukhara have the ability to increase iron absorption in the body.

۸٫ and . . .

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